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A Comparison of GaN Technology Approaches in USB-C Power Adapters


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Originally presented: August 2021


Gallium nitride (GaN) offers compelling advantages in terms of efficiency for adapter and other power supply products, but achieving these efficiencies in a cost-effective manner can be challenging.

TechInsights has examined several GaN design wins in wall charger technology. This 22-minute presentation provides a quick comparison of the different GaN integration strategies that we have observed in recent USB-C adapters.


Stephen Russell
As the subject matter expert for power devices, Stephen Russell keeps informed of developments across the entire industry. Curating content across the platform including seminars, briefings and recommending new products for reverse engineering analysis. To support a fair marketplace where semiconductor and electronics IP can be innovated and monetised.


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This is clearly a fantastic design win for GaN Systems. This is a product that was already gaining significant traction within the market. We additionally found the same die from within this product present within ST Microlectronics’ ‘MasterGaN 1’ integrated power stage.

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