Technology Professional

The most cost-effective way to get critical analysis

TechInsights’ analysis is ideal for Technology Professionals in Product Marketing, Design, Product Management and Procurement, who want to base their product roadmaps on facts and understand innovations in OEM and Semiconductor industry leading devices. Our analysis:

Provides facts on advanced technology devices and semiconductors and the competitive landscape

Enables you to make informed decisions about device designs

Allows you to go to market quicker with best of class products

Empowers you to grow market share and revenue

Depth and breadth of analysis

TechInsights proactively tears down and analyzes over 750+ consumer products per year – more than any other company. We have a proven track record that spans 30 years of discovering the innovation others can’t inside electronics and semiconductor devices. We catalogue over 6,500 components per year, as well as analyze over 2,000 chips. Our analysis is broad and includes a variety of manufacturers from top brands like Apple and Samsung to up-and-coming mega players.  Our analysis goes from the system level, right through to the silicon.

Individual Reports

With a historic archive of over 12,000 reports, and hundreds of new reports published each year, the TechInsights has the world’s largest archive of reverse engineering analysis on semiconductor and consumer products.

Reports are available for individual purchase, and they are classified by type of analysis, product type, component type, and manufacturer, making it easy to find the information you need.

Custom Analysis

TechInsights has been providing technology analysis for over 30 years, enabling our customers to advance their intellectual property and product strategies. If our library does not currently have the analysis you are looking for, we want to speak with you. Our custom analysis capabilities span the following markets, devices, and scope.