Sony IMX316 Back-Illuminated ToF (Oppo R17 Pro) Device Essentials Plus

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CMOS Image Sensor
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Image Sensor - Device Essentials Plus
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Sony IMX316 Back-Illuminated ToF (Oppo R17 Pro) Device Essentials Plus
The report presents a Device Essentials Plus project on the Sony IMX316 time-of-flight (ToF), which is a 45 Kp (~185 x ~244) back-illuminated (BI) image sensor fabricated using Sony's DepthSense 2-tap current assisted photonic demodulator (CAPD) technology for mobile applications. This is a Device Essentials Plus (DEP) summary document, provided as a companion deliverable for a Device Essentials Plus project. The DEP deliverable builds on the content generated in a Device Essentials (DEF) project.
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