The McClean Report

The McClean Report

The world’s most cost-effective market research, dedicated to providing the most reliable and affordable analysis for the semiconductor industry.

Complete market research service all year round.

The McClean Report

With more than 400 pages of research, bi-annual and quarterly updates on international semiconductor market conditions, plus an extensive analysis of each of the major IC product segments.


Global Industry Outlook and Cycles


Leading IC Suppliers and Foundries


Capital Spending Trends


Market Summary by Device Type


Memory Market Overview


Flash Memory and DRAMs


Micro-component Market Overview


Microprocessors and Microcontrollers


Analog Market Overview

The McClean Report Advantage

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Identify how to better position your business to be competitive. You don’t have to be an expert in semiconductors to understand the broad variety of analyses and perspectives, and how the McClean Report and other subscriptions can complement your business, and your business decision-making – Not only from the technical or legal point of view but also from the geopolitical, and regional market(s) angle.

Provides IC Insights’ initial overview and annual forecast of the semiconductor industry for the upcoming year and through 2026.


With electronic system type arranged data (computer, communications, consumer, automotive, industrial, Government/military), by device type (microcontrollers, memory, analog, etc.) and by region (Europe, Americas, Asia-Pacific).


Quarterly Updates On The Most Current Set Of Data, Deep Analysis And Trends

Expanded capital spending analysis of major IC categories, forecast by product type, and more.


Company sales ranking by major IC product categories, R&D spending forecast and analysis, deeper examination of China’s semiconductor market and more.


IC end-user database, IC foundry forecast update, M&A scoreboard and trends, firsthalf supplier sales ranking, and more.


Year-end review and IC and O-S-D markets forecast. 2022 recap of major IC product categories, top supplier ranking, expanding capital spending analysis, leading.



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