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Chip Costing and Process

If you could have the power to know what is a fair price to pay for foundry wafers? Or, what should be the die cost after test & packaging?, would you take the opportunity?

Current geopolitics are pushing semiconductor demand shift from hyper-growth back to long-term trends, forcing companies to evaluate how much they are spending on their wafers and what should their P&L model be. This leads to change business models and to create better strategies: which foundry should I partner to? How secure my wafer supply is from foundries? Or should I change the foundry supplier?

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To understand this evolving landscape, you need a strong industry-leading business analysis tool.

Assembly and Test Cost and Price Model

Discrete and Power Products Cost and Price Model

IC Cost and Price Model

300mm Watch Database

Chip Costing and Process Advantage

These products give any organization unique and detailed insights into the semiconductor supply chain. Customers include the world’s largest IDMs, foundries, fabless, electronics systems, automotive companies, analysts, universities, and start-ups.
The industry standard for Cost and Price Modeling semiconductors
  • Drives cost reduction and dive profitability
  • Improve supplier relationship management
  • Facilitate strategic decision making
  • Limit risk of innovation
  • Enhance negotiations
  • Set portable prices
  • Save on supplies

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