Make informed patent decisions with insight into the value of patents and extent of patent infringement.

Tech Library enables fact based intellectual property decisions to support a wide range of use cases included licensing, defense, acquisition, divestiture, and prosecution. Access to a rich source of analysis by manufacturer, devices by category, and products by application, helps you make patent decisions more easily.
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Tech Library
Different packages are available as part of Tech Library to best suit your patent and intellectual property needs.
All packages include analysis of technology products released to market within the last 5 years.

Design Wins

Design Wins

Get insight into where specific dies are found in products and semiconductor devices.



Get deep insight on advanced chipset packaging and process technologies used in semiconductor devices. Includes analysis from Design Wins.



Get deep insights to key blocks used in high-volume and high-revenue products and emerging high-growth applications. Includes analysis from Design Wins.

Tech Library


Get access to all the packages available under Tech Library in one subscription. Includes analysis from Design Wins, Process/Package, and Circuit.

Are you looking for analysis on products released to market more than 5 years ago?

Tech Library is used by patent departments and technical research teams to evaluate their options and plan successful IP campaigns.

  • Conduct preliminary and deeper dive technical analysis
  • Find evidence of use to create court defensible claim charts
  • Drive fact-based campaign planning and decision making
  • Discover potential infringement in components or dies of competitors
  • Find targets that will give the highest potential licensing payback
  • Obtain hard, accurate data for planning a potential defensive strategy or assertion case
  • Make better decisions about potential patent portfolio acquisition or culling exercises
Tech Library
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