Posted: August 29, 2019

Samsung 7 nm EUV in Note 10


The fan-In WLP market expected to grow at a steady rate; from $2.9B in 2018 to $4.4B by 2024, at 6.5% CAGR. One of the recent contributors to this market is Deca Technologies, whose M-Series fan-out wafer-level packaging (FOWLP) technology has been adopted by Qualcomm in their PM8150 PMIC. TechInsights has confirmed this technology in the Samsung S10, the Xiaomi Mi 9, and the LG G8 mobile handsets.

Innovations in this packaging technology that caught our attention include:

  • The dieletric structure between the active device and RDL offers improved electrical performance capabilities to RF devices
  • The patented M-Series structure and methods encapsulate the active semiconductor side and four surrounding vertical sidewalls of the device, protecting the silicon from cracking and chipping
  • For light-sensitive devices, Deca Technologies also claims that it blocks over 10x the ambient light compared with conventional fin-in WLCSP.

To gain a deeper understanding of device functionality, structure, and layout for evidence of use to support your IP initiatives or product strategy, learn more about this packaging process, and our analysis by downloading this product brief.

Deca Technologies Fan-In WLP in Qualcomm PM8150: Analysis

Learn more about this packaging process, including several detailed die photos and an overview of our analysis of this process, by downloading the brief.

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