The Industry Is Soaring but Carries a Tether of Caution

October 11, 2021

  • Order activity for semiconductor equipment hovered at a hot 110 degrees
  • Memory activity declined by nearly a point while the other segments finished the week nearly flat
  • Equipment suppliers continue to see a very strong level of activity which is why they expect 2022 to be another solid year for them
  • Chipmakers are also running flat-out but they're becoming a bit more cautious due to ongoing supply chain disruptions and rising macroeconomic pressures, especially on the inflation front
  • The September data from the Taiwanese manufacturers continued to show a strong market environment, in line with our expectations
  • Order activity for semiconductor equipment edged higher, jumping past 110 degrees
  • VLSI's Chip Price Performance finished the week flat
    • DRAM fell
    • NAND rose
    • MPUs declined
  • Equipment revenues remain at record levels

The Industry Is Soaring but Carries a Tether of Caution

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