We have been closely monitoring the progress of COVID-19 in recent weeks, regularly updating our travel and operations policies to include increasingly strict restrictions we have chosen to implement. 

Our priority is ensuring the continued health and safety of TechInsights staff, partners, and our communities in general to the greatest extent possible.  

Effective March 13, we are embracing a policy of social distancing throughout our global offices, where we have mandated that all employees who are able work from home until further notice. We already have well-established and effective remote communications tools and processes in place, and will be relying on them more heavily as we continue to provide the information our clients depend on. 

This shift follows an earlier announcement we made on March 2, when we notified all staff that all non-critical travel is prohibited; this included cancelling our participation in conferences and other events. We will continue to evaluate participation in events throughout the duration of the pandemic. 

These policies will remain in place until the World Health Organization and other health organizations deem it appropriate to step back from pandemic precautionary measures. 


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