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Mobile Radio Frequency

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The co-existence of 4G and 5G networks is driving mobile radio frequency (RF) innovation in a competitive and fast-paced market. However, this also poses many complex design challenges for Engineers and Designers such as power consumption, heat dissipation, and available space. Given that 5G is particularly prominent in handsets, most of the problems faced on the front end are around integrating many discrete components into modules for power and space efficiency.

A TechInsights' Mobile RF Subscription enables a better understanding of the latest 5G transceivers (including mmWave) across a broad range of the latest cutting-edge devices. This helps accelerate product development by making it easier to identify changes between evolving transceiver architectures for more insight into how design challenges are being addressed by competitors.

Cost estimates as well as process node and foundry identification are also available to provide more fact-based leverage in foundry selection and negotiations to ensure a fair agreement is reached.

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The following channels are available in the Mobile RF subscription:

  • Transceiver Floorplan: Provides a better understanding of the key functional blocks that make up the transceiver and estimated cost to manufacture the die.
  • Transceiver Architecture: Provides analysis of the connection of key blocks in a die for the communication of antenna to modem over cellular.
  • Envelope Power Tracker Floorplan: Provides analysis of key blocks in a die that monitor and manage the power supply for communication of antenna to modem over cellular. This enables better understanding of power supply management.
  • Envelope Power Tracker Architecture: Provides analyses that explains the connection of key blocks in a die for power supply management.
  • Front End Module Architecture: Focused on highly integrated front-end modules of key RF chips in mobile phones.
  • Front End Die Circuit: Builds on the analysis in the Front End Module Architecture channel by analyzing some of the die circuits (i.e. power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, RF switches, RF filters) found in the front end modules.

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Reports by manufacturer include:
Samsung, Qualcomm, MediaTek, Xiaomi, Apple, and many others.

RF chips from leading mobile devices include:
Google Pixel 6, Apple iPhone 13, Samsung Galaxy S21, Xiaomi Mi 11, and many others.


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