Can China Dominate the Power Semiconductor Market?

This webinar explores how China's semiconductor industry, particularly in the power semiconductor market, could outpace the West amid global pressures. It examines innovation in consumer electronics by companies like Huawei, Xiaomi, and BBK Electronics, as well as the rise of disruptive players like Innoscience in wide bandgap semiconductor and power management integrated circuit (PMIC) manufacturing.

Webinar: The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra - Inside the Flagship

In this exclusive webinar, our experts will deliver an in-depth analysis of the components within this device, highlight what changed from previous versions, and forecast how this might impact other smartphone and parts manufacturers. Our market analysts will also share their forecasts and industry insights for Samsung and other industry leaders within the ever-competitive smartphone marketplace.

Webinar: Minimizing Battery Degradation in Smartphones

This webinar reviews the existing industry fast charging techniques used by Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi in their recent flagship smartphones. It was observed that these smartphones benefit from adaptive charging algorithms to suppress battery degradation, which would generally result from the high applied current.