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For 30 years, TechInsights has been a trusted patent and technology partner to the world’s largest and most successful companies, including 37 of the top 50 U.S. patent holders. By revealing the innovation others cannot inside the broadest range of advanced technology products, we prove patent value and enable business leaders to make the best, fact-based IP and technology investment decisions. TechInsights provides a range of specialized services and products through two integrated divisions: IP Services and Technology Intelligence.

Founded in 1989 to provide advanced reverse engineering services to companies seeking to grow the potential of their intellectual property

Headquartered in Ottawa Canada with over 250 employees and offices around the world

Provide solutions to over 200 global technology, semiconductor, and electronics companies

In-house state-of-the-art laboratories with advanced tools and equipment for in-depth, world-class analysis

IP Services

Products and Solutions that Demonstrate the Value of a Patent Portfolio for Technology-enabled Products

Our IP Services have an unmatched track record for proving patent value, matching patents to products and delivering solid evidence of use in advance technology markets. TechInsights IP clients include 37 of the top 50 U.S. patent holders. These clients profit in significant ways including: knowing if and how their patented inventions are being used, understanding the content and potential of their patent portfolios, respond to competitor strategies, improve earnings from patent licensing, building stronger patent portfolios, and generating income from strategic patent divestment.

Evidence of Use

Evidence of use is the foundation of our IP business; and it is critical to our clients’ success.

Portfolio Assessment

Enabling the best fact-based decisions about your portfolio

Patent Strengthening

We can identify evidence of “similar use” in competitive products that will help your prosecution team write stronger claims to optimize your patent applications.

Patent Landscaping

Patent landscaping provides a comprehensive snapshot of patenting activity in an application or technology area, in jurisdictions of interest.

Prior Art Search

TechInsights brings history and experience with almost three decades of matching patents to products across a variety of technology areas.

For Lawyers & Law Firms

A partnership with TechInsights gives you relevant, factual technical data your clients can rely on from the established industry leaders in advanced technology analysis.

Technology Intelligence

The Most Accurate Analysis of High Volume, High Technology Consumer Devices in the World

Our Technology Intelligence division proactively analyzes the broadest range of electronics and semiconductor devices. With the unique ability to analyze from the system to atomic level, our Technical Analysts discover the innovation others can’t inside the broadest range of electronics and semiconductor devices in the World.

Our technical insights are provided through specialized services and cost-effective subscription products that enable technical and product development teams to de-risk their product strategies, get-to-market faster with best-in-class designs and process technologies; make better product and pricing decisions, and win more competitive bids.

Over 200 global leaders in semiconductors, electronics and software trust our insights to drive their technology innovation and decision making. We do more teardowns and proactive analysis on the broadest range of high volume electronic products than any other company in the world. Our analysis includes smart phones, wearable technologies, IoT, medical, and other remarkable electronic products. We analyze 100s of electronic devices and tens of thousands of components to reveal what’s going on in an industry sector.


Get the facts you need to make informed decisions on your biggest investments.

Image Sensors

Get regular, succinct analysis of high-volume imaging and emerging applications

IoT Connectivity SoC

Stay up to date on technology intelligence in IoT Connectivity SoCs

Mobile Radio Frequency

Analysis to enable strategic investment decisions and enhance technology development for companies in the mobile radio frequency space


Huge up-front R&D investment requires customers to have up-to-date and accurate competitive intelligence

Power Semiconductor

Get regular, succinct analysis of emerging power process semiconductor products.


Get the most accurate and insightful technology intelligence in the world

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Revealing the innovations others cannot inside advanced technology products

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